Projects 2003-2006

“The Educated Youth”

Since 2003 “The Future is Yours” Charitable Social NGO has implemented “The Educated Youth” project which continues up to now. The objective of this project is to involve children from special institutions such as orphanages in different educational, cultural and social projects. The project is being implemented with the support of the organization’s volunteers.


“The Future is Yours” Charitable Social NGO has always cooperated with local and international organizations.
In 2004-2005 “The Future is Yours” Charitable Social NGO implemented “Integration” educational cultural project with the objective was to create cultural clubs for 80 orphans and to integrate them into the society; the project was financed by “Armenia” All-Armenian Foundation and the Center for Development and Civil Dialogues.

“A Bridge of Education”

In June of 2005-2006 “The Future is Yours” Charitable Social NGO was implementing “A Bridge of Education” educational cultural project for orphans, which was financed by the Center for Development and Civil Dialogues. The most talented 25 children were chosen and sent to specialized schools.

Creative course of self-expression

Starting from 2005 up to now the organization has implemented “Creative course of self-expression” grant project, which is taking place in special institutions of Yerevan and of the RA marzes; the objective of the project is to contribute to the creative development of children, to the development of communication skills, to provide means for self-expression and business. 


From June, 2005 till November, 2005 the organization realized “Volunteer” project with the support of the US Embassy, in the scope of which civil education course was organized for the active and socially vulnerable volunteers.

Bridge of Fairy-tales

In 2005 “The Future is Yours” Charitable Social NGO implemented an intercultural exchange online project called “Bridge of Fairy-tales” in Armeia with the support of the National Committee of UNESCO Affairs, in which youth from Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Baltic countries took part. They got to know to national fairy-tales of each country, illustrated those fairy-tales through their paintings, as a result of which a picturesque brochure of fairy-tales was published.

No to Violence

In 2006 “The Future is Yours” Charitable Social NGO implemented grant project called “No to Violence” which was funded by the Council of Europe, Armenia. The objective of the project was to protect children’s rights, to guarantee the safeness of children from all kinds of violence.  The volunteers of “The Future is Yours” Charitable Social NGO visited special educational institutions and had discussions with the students on the topic “Children Violence according to Children”. On June 1, 2006 an event entitled “No to Violence” took place in “Khnko Aper” library.

Culture is our massage

In August-December, 2006 “The Future is Yours” Charitable Social NGO implemented “Culture is our massage” project in the scope of the grants given to NGOs from the state budget  with the support of “Center for Development and Civil Dialogues”. This project involved 50 students from “Special Type” orphanage, 50 students from Byuregavan #1 school of Kotayk marz and 50 socially vulnerable students from Jrarat village; cultural clubs were created for overall 150 children at the age of 13-15 in order to develop cultural skills and abilities of children; and different events and visits were organized with the participation of these children.

Let’s Live Healthy

In September, 2006 the organization implemented “Let’s Live Healthy” project financed by UNICEF (UN Children’s Fund). In the frames of the project a brochure called “Live Verities” was published and distributed in kindergartens and polyclinics of Yerevan for young mothers and medical workers. The project was also implemented in Tavush marz in May-September, 2007.


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